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TOP 5 Fashion Shows (S/S 2014)

Welcome everyone to my brand new fashion blog!

I used to have this blog to show my daily outfits. But now, I want to take this blog to a whole other level. That's why I deleted all my old posts.

First of all I would like to show you my style. But instead of using pictures of me I will show you my favorite Fashion Shows that all the great designers made this last month in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

As you all know we always celebrate Fashion Weeks twice a year. One for each season, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. And it follows a strict order. Fashion Weeks always start in New York, then London, after that, Milan and finally, Paris.

When the designers want to introduce us to the fashion trends of the Spring/Summer season they start the Fashion Week in September and the Fall/Winter shows always start in February. That's why this last month we saw the Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

1.- Diane Von Furstenberg
Her collection is called Oasis. What I loved the most about this show is all the colors and prints that she put on and how she mix the feminine with that fresh essence and beauty. What I liked too is that she made dresses with all different shapes that every woman can wear.
"What I'm hoping is that people feel joie de vivre, happiness, and beauty in a world that is so rough, so unpredictable, and scary." - Diane Von Furstenberg about her new collection Oasis.


2.- Jason Wu

"When you put on something, it should make you feel something. It's not just about how you look, it's about how you feel inside. And you want to feel powerful. And when you put on that outfit it should transform you. It should make you the person you want to become." - Jason Wu

3.- Michael Kors

4.- Escada

5.- DKNY



1.- Burberry
Once again the big British luxury fashion house has done it again.
After so many years Burberry is still one of the Top Brands of High Fashion. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, wanted to represent a softer line, gentle but at the same time sexy and provocative.
He got it mixing lace dresses with coats and using two different color pallets with pastels and pop bright colors.
He liked the idea of taking a blanket and wrapping yourself in it but also you're often naked when you are wrapping yourself like that. And he liked to play with those things. The transparency (lace dress) and then something on that makes you feel completely safe (coat).

In my opinion, he couldn't do it any better.

2.- Mulberry

3.- Christopher Kane

4.- House of Holland

5.- Topshop Unique

1.- Dolce & Gabbana
If we ever think about what inspires the Italian designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, we would say their origins.
As they say, this collection is an “Unconscious Dream” of a fairy tale. Full of Sicilian culture expressed in iconic columns - printed in dresses and skirts and also reproduced as heels on shoes – and gold coins as corset belts.
Once again, Dolce & Gabbana shows us how to be sexy and feminine with a vision of classic art and Mediterranean beauty.

We see polka-dotted blouses, pencil skirts, coat dresses, Sicilian blooms as details and the use of lace that characterizes them.

2.- Blumarine

3.- Roberto Cavalli

4.- Emilio Pucci

5.- Salvatore Ferragamo

1.- Louis Vuitton
Black, black, black is back.
I’m putting Louis Vuitton at the first place not because it’s my favorite collection - because it's not -, but because of what this show means.
Marc Jacobs has been the Louis Vuitton’s Chief Creative Officer for so many years. After this show, he announced that the rumors of him leaving LV to focus on his own brand were true.
We mourn. We’re black. We’re seeing all those black dresses and t-shirts with furs, feathers, peacocks, crystals mixed with blue jeans. It looks casual but so elegant at the same time.
Each and every one of the models wore an extravagant Stephen Jones-designed headpiece of ostrich plumes.
The staging of the show re-created many of the sets from old shows: the elevators, the escalators, the carousel, the fountain. They were all there, only rendered this time in shades of black.
“Naked save for a G-string and the Stephen Sprouse-designed LV logo scrawled all over her body, Edie Campbell made her runway circuit in handcuffs and chains. Among the many challenges that will face Jacobs' successor at Vuitton, when he or she is eventually named, will be living up to a fearless, fabulous moment like that.” –

2.- Elie Saab

3.- Balenciaga

4.- Isabel Marant

5.- Balmain

After all these pictures of fabulous designs, I hope you had the chance to have known me better.
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